UK Electric Vans

Save money and the planet

Driving ZeVan® is good for your pocket as well as the environment.

  • Less than 2p a mile.
  • Free parking in London
  • No congestion charge
  • No road tax
  • 100% corporation tax write off

    Contact us to order

    Please note that we are not currently building vans, as we have been unable to secure the necessary finance to continue. Our electric vans were built to order in the UK for the UK.

    ZeVan® price list

    Base Vehicle
    White with black bumpers (other colours and wrapping by special order)
    On the road charges
    (includes first registration fee, number plates, tax disc, and delivery to anywhere in the UK)
    GPS Satellite Navigation and CD / MP3 / DAB radio stereo system
    Left Hand Drive
    Import/Export Assistance
    Consulting day rate for importing for the first time into any new jurisdiction
    Other options available by special request

    Compare with ZeCar® prices


    Hire Purchase, Leasing and other Financing options were available from around £ 10 a day.