UK Electric Cars and Electric Vans

Picture of Ze car and Zevan electric vehicles

We have designed and built of range of zero emission  electric cars and electric vans in the UK, following a low environmental impact philosophy.

Please note that these vehicles are not currently made for sale. We are engaged in research and development, in conjunction with the leading edge Alternative Vehicle Research Centre in the University of Glamorgan, helping to improve electric vehicle technologies, including recently the development of electronic steer-by-wire technologies to improve people accessibility (electric vehicles layouts can be very flexible compared to normal vehicles).

If you would like to see one of our vehicles live, please visit the National Museum of Wales in Swansea which has our red car prototype on permanent display. You may also be lucky enough to see one of our customer vehicles on our roads!
picture of Zevan&reg

Versatile Electric Vans

picture of Zecar&reg driving

Five door Electric Cars